Words: Cicero Freeman- #toolittletoolate


Why do we even care? By we, I mean us. By us, I mean them. By, them I mean the 

folks certain others seems to deny.  By against, I mean coloreds. However, I don’t 

just mean Blacks/African Amercians. I mean anyone that, by all accounts, aren’t 

straight, white dudes. 

#oscarssowhite, but isn’t that to be expected? I mean, has it ever been diverse. Yea, 

there have been moments. I recall when Eddie Murphy was a presenter and brought 

the issue up.  And, I’m actually surprised to notice that folks like Diana Ross (with 

her fine ass), Richard Pryor (with his crazy ass), Whoopi, Chris Rock and even 

Sammy Davis were hosts of the gala. And, all things considered, that’s a pretty 

impressive list. 

But, the question still remains (nod to Gangstarr), why does anyone think that the 

Oscars would ever be more representative of not only the movie viewing public, but 

the individuals involved with making these 90-minute escapades into the cinematic 

absurd? Have they ever? Do we expect the academy to wake up and realize that 

there are other talented folks that are deserving for their acting performances or 

cinematic contributions? 

Mooney told y’all. 

Gregory told y’all. 

Spike kinda told y’all. 

Hell, the Oscars told y’all.

And you uppity coloreds still ain’t listen. 

I mean at this point it’s almost laughable that this is a thing. Now, don’t get me 

wrong, I totally understand the sentiment.  We should all be recognized for our 

accomplishments by our peers. Well, that’s the hope. The notion is a grand idea. It’s 

laudable and beautiful sentiment. 

But, that’s not America. Sure there are pockets of folks who realize these awards and 

bounties. The practice is certainly not realized across the board. Thinking that it 

should is a grave assumption to say the least. Grave only because that hope sets one 

up to be let down as if that’s the actual goal. Like you almost want to be let down. 

So, in my opinion, the pleas to make the Oscars more representative are completely 

understood. And, my hat is off to one and all making that plea. However, I just don’t 

give a shit about the Oscars to consider that those in charge would give a shit about 

making it diverse. 

I’d rather that plea turn into the motivation to put forth pictures that tell the stories 

that are routinely marginalize so that Tyler Perry isn’t the only one gettin’ his shit 

off in an astronomical way. There’s way too much talent out there for anyone to be 

clamoring for the academy to recognize them. Maybe that’s my naiveté. I can’t care 

though. The message has been received loud and clear.

More power to you if you’re into all this hoopla. By all means, watch the red carpet 

and folks in those threads, the very same proprietors who maintain retail 

experiences that would likely deny any one of us the peace of mind to shop without 

hassle. Or whatever. I mean, spend your time how you like. 

Watch the awards being doled out to people who spent a modicum of time to take us 

all into a fantasy. I love movies. I just don’t give a shit about awards. And, I sure as 

hell don’t give a shit about awards that don’t give a shit about me.